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Quebec Council Organizational Chart

Key 3 Executive and Volunteers  Our council is Volunteer run and staff supported. The Key 3 share the role of managing the council.

Council Relationship Manager (CRM) Head Paid Staff Mary-Pauline Vatsis (438) 863-3963 [email protected]
Council Commissioner (CC) Head Volunteer George Craigie

[email protected]

Council Youth Comissioner Head Volunteer Thomas Schoffield [email protected]  
Office StaffOur support staff are located in Ottawa and is shared with 2 other councils; Voyageur and Northern Ontario councils.
Council Registrar Member Services Administrator Ladka Stodola ext 501 [email protected]
Deputy Support PRC/VSS, Training, Recognition and Events  Lynn Levitan ext 502 [email protected]
Council Bookkeeper Lisa Quarrie [email protected].    
Banking Inquiries Lisa Quarrie [email protected].    
Contracts/Agreements & Certificates of Insurance Rose Pelkey [email protected]    
Tour Permits Debbie Maw [email protected]    



Camp Administration



Camp Tamaracouta

  (866)438-4096 [email protected]

Dunn Memorial camp

Cecile Antink (450) 825-2920 [email protected]

[email protected]

 Gail Catchpaw    






Webmaster Ted Mackay [email protected]
Social Media Danica Lewington [email protected]
Newsletter Ted Mackay [email protected]



Scouting Service Center – Ottawa








1345 Baseline Road, Suite 200



Ottawa, ON K2C 0A7Phone:Local: 1(613) 225-2770



(General Inquiries ext 500)



Long Distance:   1-888-726-8876Fax:(613) 225-2802Email: [email protected]Hours:Monday to Friday9 a.m. to 5 p.m.